sabato 18 maggio 2013

Android App: Pay Attention for privacy

Android is now, along with Apple's iOS, the mobile operating system most used in the world.

As you all know Android has a market of applications, Google Play, where you can download directly from the device most varied

After the download of any app, when you start the installation phase, you are prompted for device from accepting certain permissions for various purposes.

Normally the user does not notice and accept them without even giving us a look.
There is nothing more wrong!
Considering that the permissions are often included items such as "send sms, read sms, precise location, access to the internet" and many others that, without a shadow of doubt, may affect our privacy.

Therefore, it is always a good idea to stop and read carefully the permissions that the app requires us before installation, and to assess whether the permissions the app may have a purpose is critical for the proper functioning of the same.

So I'll wait to find the "precise location" between the permissions an app Gps navigation rather than an app that implements a scientific calculator, or the "internet access" between the permissions the app is a social network rather than an app that allows me to change the theme to the device.

After taking a careful look at the permissions required, you decide whether to continue with the installation or close the app.

Follow these simple but useful advice, nor is half of your privacy.

In fact, many manufacturers include in their app creations systems to know such as the location of its users, their phone number, or even to control the device remotely, for a variety of purposes, such as the sale of information to advertising companies!

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